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Hydronic Heating Specialists and Suppliers

  • Burnham US Boiler Company
    Burnham is a provider of high efficiency boilers for home water heating and hydronic space heating in North America. They carry a full line of Energy Star oil and gas boilers for water or steam heating systems, as well as in-direct hot water heaters for home faucet use. Their extensive line of boilers includes designs for residential or commercial heating, and a list of knowledgeable contractors and dealers in your area can be provided. http://www.burnham.com/
  • Buderus
    Since 1825 Buderus has been in the business of designing new heating technologies. Everything necessary for energy efficient whole house heating solutions has been developed by Buderus and made available to smart buyers in North America. Boilers, domestic hot water tanks, energy controls, solar heating systems, and other hot water heating system products are available for homeowners and contractors who are looking to build a home that exceeds Energy Star standards, while providing comfort and warmth throughout the house.http://www.buderus.net/
  • Taco HVAC
    A leader in hydronic heating systems for residential and commercial application, Taco HVAC has made the commitment to produce energy efficient heating solutions for the public. Based out of Cranston, Rhode Island, Taco HVAC trains it employees, venders, and partnered local installers in the latest energy efficient technology, design, and construction. You can find your pumps, heat transfer products, electric controls, and other hydronic accessories here. http://www.taco-hvac.com/
    LAARS is a global producer of residential and commercial products designed for radiant heating, including hydronic boilers, radiant flooring, large volume water heaters, and more. As a pioneer in “low mass” heat exchanger technologies, LAARS provides long line accessories to bring your hydronic radiant heating system together. http://www.laars.com/
  • Triangle Tube
    Triangle Tube has specialized in stainless steel hot water heating equipment for the last 60 years. Known for their premier products and service, Triangle Tubes premium range of water heating, space heating, and HVAC related products have made them an industry leader in the areas of hydronic boilers and energy efficient heating systems. http://www.triangletube.com/