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Tax Credits for Hydronic Heating

On top of the savings you will receive on a monthly basis due to its efficiency, your hydronic heating system also is eligible for a federal tax credit.  The extent of the energy saver tax credit you can claim depends on the type of hydronic heating you install:

Currently, if your system is only hydronic heating and was placed in your primary home for service between January 1st, 2009 and December 31st, 2010, you are eligible for:

  • A tax credit of 30% of the cost of the heating system up to $1500!

However, if you incorporate either a geothermal or solar water heating system into your hydronic heating, the eligibility is extended until 2016 and you may claim:

  • A tax credit of 30% of the cost, with no upper limit!

To claim this tax credit and learn more information, simply go to: http://www.energysavers.gov/financial/70010.html
In short, the steps are fairly simple:

  • Use IRS Tax Form 5695 (.pdf file) to claim improvements to your home.
  • Save your receipts and the manufacturer certification statement for your records and documentation.